Many homeowners are upgrading their property to use heat pumps in Kalispell, MT. Some people like them because they make it easy to save energy. Other people get heat pumps because they offer more consistent heating performance than their old gas furnaces. The truth is that they are great for most people because they offer such a wide range of heating and cooling benefits. That’s why we love installing them for our neighbors.

At Wild West Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we provide a full range of heat pump repair, maintenance, and installation services. Our team can help you purchase heat pumps and keep them in good condition for years.

Efficient and Reliable Heat Pumps

If you install a heat pump, you can keep your home warm and avoid the drawbacks of traditional combustion furnaces. A heat pump works by moving heat from warm areas to cold areas. They can also work in reverse, which means they can replace both your heating and cooling systems.

It’s cheaper and easier to maintain a single heat pump than to maintain separate heating and cooling systems. A heat pump will also help you save money by conserving energy. A traditional furnace consumes a lot of power to heat your home. Your heat pump uses much less energy because it moves heat instead of producing it. That also avoids the air pollution and risks that come from traditional combustion systems.

While your heat pump will be fairly easy to maintain, you can’t ignore it. Every heat pump relies on moving parts that wear out over time. Your heat pump will also need regular cleaning to maintain maximum efficiency. These are fairly quick and easy maintenance projects, but you do need to have a technician handle them.

There are a few common warning signs that show your system needs maintenance:
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Poor or irregular heating
  • Short cycling
  • Strange noises