Heating and cooling in Bigfork, MT, is more than a convenience; it is a necessity. While the summers may be mild by many people’s standards, they can get muggy. The winters are a completely different story. They can be brutal. Getting caught without a working furnace, boiler, or another source of heat could quickly turn into a life-threatening situation. By the same token, who could imagine, in this day and age, not having working indoor plumbing?

These are very good reasons to have Wild West Plumbing, Heating & Cooling on your list of emergency numbers. A locally owned, family-operated business, they understand how vital your heating and cooling systems are to your family or business and pipes are to daily life.

Our technicians are experts on all types of heating systems as well as expert plumbers. Cold weather can do nasty things to a building, and summer heat can make you feel like you’re melting. There is no reason to suffer either when you don’t have to.