Wild West Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is your best bet for professional quality water filtration in Lakeside, MT. When you think of water purification systems, you probably think of the small, portable models you can attach to a single faucet to make water cleaner. Look to a professional plumber to help resolve your hard water issues.

While these devices are great, they are limited in what they can do. For one thing, they can only work on one faucet at a time. They are also bulky and can be frustrating to turn on and off. Instead, many homeowners today are reaping the benefits of whole-home water filtration and softener systems.

Water Softener Systems Lakeside

Montana is known for hard water, and the Lakeside area has some of the hardest. Water is considered “hard” when its mineral content is more than 120 parts per million (PPM).

In Lakeside and nearby Kalispell, water hardness can be as high as 175 PPM. This means homeowners in Lakeside may notice the distinctive bitter, salty taste of hard water when getting a drink of tap water.

Installing a water softener system in Lakeside doesn’t only mean you’re improving your drinking water. The minerals in hard water can leave a characteristic residue in your sink, as well as on the inside of appliances like dishwashers and washing machines.

This residue is unsightly, and as it builds, it can start to damage your appliances. While a descaling kit or other kind of reactive treatment can help, the best option is to treat hard water before it enters your appliances in the first place.

Drinking hard water won’t kill you, but it can cause stomach upset in extreme cases. If you wash with hard water, you may notice dry, itchy skin. Over time, the mineral traces in hard water can also damage your hair. Installing a water softener system can get rid of these annoying symptoms and help you feel more refreshed.

There are some benefits of Lakeside water purification:
  • Better cleaning from appliances
  • More energy-efficient home
  • Cleaner skin and hair
  • Better-tasting water